My newest addition!

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  1. Well I went to macys thinking I could use my pce card, nope. Wouldn't you know it they have a black lily for 25% off and then another 11%. It would have been such a deal if they let me use that card! So I had to pry myself away and I was annoyed. They had a good bit for 25% off.

    So I wander down to coach and I'm just not seeing anything I love. I wanted to see the new heritage satchel but they had to order it, boo I wanted to see it irl first. So I left.

    Decided to check dillards after reading about the 25% plus an additional 40% off. They had a silver/khaki Madeline! I haven't been a Madeline fan but so far I really like this bag! Tomorrow I may go back and get a matching silver wallet (the wallets were like 111-120ish).

    The best part is my bag was 155 with tax! I haven't checked eBay to see if this is a great deal but it was originally 328 so its a good deal to me!

    Pics when I get home!
  2. They had a black lily for 25% off. Where is the Macy's located? All of the ones by me either have a bad selection or have no Coach in them!

  3. It's in Deerbrook Mall, Humble, TX. It was $554 after tax and the additional 11% discount. It would have been even less if they'd have let me use my PCE card!
  4. O can't wait to see your Madeline! You snagged a deal! I want a one so bad, but can't ever seem to score a deal. Congrats!
  5. Here is a picture of Madeline...

    Attached Files:

  6. Love it! Great price for a great bag. Congrats!
  7. This was the last silver/khaki one but they had like 3 khaki/white (or is it parchment lol) ones.
  8. I like the silver/khaki better, I would have picked that too :smile: Nice score! That's a great color combo, you should be able to get a lot of use out of that bag.
  9. I love that bag but I'm so far away from any Dillards. Does anyone know if I can call up a store but put it on a Dillard's charge card but have it sent to me. Are they like a Macy's or Nordstrom?
  10. What an awesome deal on a great bag! I'm about ready to move to a town with a Dillard's, lol.
  11. Jenny I would think you could!!! Hurry up and call while they still have those amazing deals! They had madeline patents at mine, no siggies!

    Love the madeline combo!!! Saweet deal to me too girlie!
  12. Nice score! I got the exact same bag last week on sale here in Canada for around $250-ish which is also the going rate on *Bay.
  13. The bag was $147.60 before tax!

    I have been out of the Coach buying loop for a bit so I wasn't sure what the going rate on *bay or at the outlets was! I'm glad I got a good find :smile: Now I'm debating if I should get the silver wallet lol.
  14. That's the mall by where my brother lives!!! :P Too bad he's in Austin or I would have made him go to Dillards for me! :sad:
  15. You got a GREAT deal!!!! CONGRATS!!! Enjoy that new bag! :tup: