My Newest Addition...

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  1. My Hamptons medium carryall arrived this morning! I love it! I put my flower charm on it for now, but am thinking about a adding a scarf (perhaps the hamptons dot scarf in pink?).
    P2070730.JPG P2070731.JPG
  2. very cute! :yes:
  3. SO cute! I love the black sig - so classy. The pink dot scarf would look darling on it!

  4. Very nice!! I love it! congrats ;)
  5. :yes::tup::love:
  6. So chic and classic. Love it!
  7. Congrats, so classy! Love the cute keyfob too!
  8. Fashionista...That is a classy bag and that charm is cute.:yes:
    I think the hamptons pink dot scarf will look awsome on your bag!!!!! Post a pic of it with the scarf if you decide to get it. :yes:
  9. I love it!!! So cute!
  10. Too cute! Love the flower charm!
  11. very cute.. congrats! :tup:
  12. I actually like the charm on the bag. very classy!
  13. Very nice! Simply a classic! Pink looks HOT with black. Can't wait for the pic of her dressed up.
  14. I love your new bag!!! I have it in black leather and use it all the time. I thought about buying the black sig too but I guess I don't need two really similar totes.
  15. A pink scarf would look so good w/ that bag...congrats and enjoy!!!!