My Newest Addition!

  1. I finally got my first zip clutch! :yahoo: Thanks to 2ManyBags I was able to purchase it for only $184!!

    I've also included a few pictures of my small but growing family:
    IMG_1478_edited-1(2).jpg IMG_1465_edited-2(2).jpg IMG_1469_edited-3(2).jpg
  2. congrats Melly!!!

    you will LOVE it! it is by far the best wallet i have ever had!! is it topaz?

    and i love all your bags!!! very nice collection!!
  3. Thanks! You're right, it is topaz. I guess I forgot to mention that. :push: Well I'm thinking about it, here are the names of the rest of the bags:

    1st Picture: Topaz Zip Clutch
    2nd Picture: Olive Venetia, Topaz Quilted Elise, Chili Hudson, Black Blake, Black Saloni, and Topaz Zip Clutch
    3rd Picture: Lavendar Selma, Ferrari Large Multipocket, Teal Selma, White Sophia, and Washed Rose Blake
  4. Wow! Love your collection, especially the colours. Now you make me want to add more colour to my MJ collection (it's only small).
  5. great deal! it fits right in with your mj fam:smile:
  6. What a beautiful collection--congrats!!!
  7. I love cute. What a great color.
  8. Those are gorgeous bags! I am new to Marc Jacobs, so far I only have the MbyMJ totally turn -lock Teri ( I think that's the name) in black. I really want to add a nicer black bag and loved your quilted elise and saloni.

    Thanks for the great pics!
  9. Congrats! Topaz Zip Clutch and Topaz Quilted Elise are so pretty together... like a sweet couple! :smile: Love it! :smile:
  10. I just took another look at your pics, and I really like your quilted elise and black saloni. Did you get them recently? Where? I'd like to see whether I can track one of these down...

  11. Both of the bags are from the Resort 2006 collection. The topaz Elise was recently on sale at both Nordstrom and Saks, but they may be sold out. As for the Saloni, you might want to try Nordstrom. I'm not sure if the black Saloni went on sale though. Good luck!
  12. I love the Topaz, and she really compliments the colors of your others bags!

    Like yourself, I have the Selma in both lavender and teal, and it gnaws at me that I never got a ZC in either of those colors. They are my favorites (along with spearmint!).
  13. Lovely collection Melly! Congrats on getting your topaz at such a great deal. It will definitely go well with your classic collection of bags. Love it!
  14. You got a zip clutch for how much?!?!?!?! That's awesome! I'm very jealous! I know that you will love it.
  15. What a wonderful bargain Melly!! And it's so pretty...I'm thrilled for you!

    And I LOVE seeing your collection. :love: Everything is just beautiful. It's hard to pick a favorite but I love your Hudson and Elise I think the most! Congrats again!:yahoo: