My newest addition...

  1. Here it is... my Dentelle pochette wallet in silver, along with a thank you note from my SA and an "I'm sorry about what happened in San Diego" note. I was given a free refill for my mini agenda to help compensate, I guess. I loved the pomme card, though. I just feel the wrong people are appologizing.
    wallet1.JPG wallet2.JPG
  2. Oooh congrats!! It looks so good!!

    What happened in San Diego??
  3. Aww.. loves it, it's so pretty !

    What happened ? I must have missed that thread !
  4. I think one of the SAs accused her of having a fake LV scarf from the scottsdale boutique?
  5. Nice- congrats!

  6. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: That's horrible!

    Congrats on the purchase!!! :wlae:

  7. OMG I would have freaked out!!

    What scarf was it?!?!?:cursing:
  8. No.....thats terrible:wtf:!!!!

    Congrats on you new wallet, very pretty!!!!:p
  9. This is the first silver piece in that line that I saw and I think it looks wonderful! It's nice that your sales associates treat you so well, but what happened?
  10. It's beatiful congrats!
  11. I was just thinking of you....I actually have a Thank You card from that mean SA you were talking about...funny because I remember when I spoke to the phone with her she would be incredibly rude (she didn't believe I spoke to the manager! :rolleyes:) and sometimes she would be polite.

    Congrats on your new purchase, though!
  12. Congrats! Yah baby!
  13. congrate, cute wallet.
  14. It was from one of the SD boutiques...I know which one it is...:push:
  15. Congrats! It's gorgeous!