My newest addition.

  1. My black epi speedy 30 just arrived this morning, but I am not in love like I thought I would be :crybaby:. I will hang onto it for a while to see if my feelings change.

  2. awww. you can always exchange it if you're not happy with it.
  3. I agree. If you're not completely happy with it, you should get something else.
  4. give it some time, see if your feelings change, and if not, then exchange it for something you do love...:yes:
  5. Love the epi speedy! Is it too plain for you? you can add a pretty charm or scarf to spice it up.
  6. What is it that's bothering you?
  7. will changing to a more vibrant color help?
  8. I am not quite sure what the problem is, but I don't know what else I would like. I like it, but I didn't fall in love like I did with my BH. I got this because I wanted something more subtle than the monogram. I am going to wait a week or so and see if things change.
  9. I like it, congrats. But if you are not happy with it, you should exchange it. See if your feelings change.
  10. Aaww sucks that you feel that way, but that happens sometimes. I personally think it´s a stunning bag.
  11. Congrats! It is quite elegant. Please exchange if you are not 100% in love with it.
  12. I think it is gorgeous. I love it!
  13. I know how you feel! Give it some time and hopefully your feelings will change..
  14. i think it looks great. congrats!
  15. I like it & congrats :smile: but as you said..
    wait a few days cause it might grow on you and if not there will always be another bag calling out to you :biggrin: