My Newest Addition! Turquoise '04 City!!!

  1. Here is my Turquoise '04 City along with her sister Caramel '03 City! They get along really good together!:lol: They are anxiously awaiting for the black '05 work to join them! We hate the wait!:sad:
    DSC01216.JPG DSC01207.JPG DSC01203.JPG DSC01199.JPG
  2. beautiful zac!!! the torquoise looks awesome next to caramel!!!
  3. Beautiful addition Zac!!! Im so happy you finally have one of your dream bags!!!
  4. WOW!! Your turquoise City is gorgeous, beautiful, divine!! :love: Congrats Zacorey! (& your caramel is a beauty too!)
  5. mmm,
  6. mmm, I just LOVE the caramel and turquoise together ;) :love: !!!!!!
  7. It's beautiful.............:love:
  8. Wow, love the color! Congrats on your new bag!!!
  9. zacorey i want your caramel so badly :crybaby: :heart:
    Congratulations!!:drinks: They are truly BEAUTIFUL !!
  10. wow, that caramel color is amazing!

    love the turquoise too! congratulations, they look great!
  11. Thank you all so much!!!:heart:

    myriamrees- I still can't believe I have the caramel!!! She is my favorite!!!:love: I hope you find one too!!! I saw Mimi's originally and flipped out! The leather is the softest I ever felt! Nothing compares to her!
  12. I love the turquoise!!
  13. ABSOLUTELY gorgeoussssss!
  14. zac congrats!!! they are GREAT! :yahoo:
  15. zac, gorgeous colors!!! congrats!