My Newest Addition (s)!

  1. So while I was out the other day with Princess B (and CB and MOT--see the pics in the Sisterhood thread), I stopped by my H boutique and picked up a little something.

  2. Here's what in the first little box.


    A regular size horn scarf ring. TFF!
  3. Here's the NEXT one! See I don't drag it out...I like to WHAM, BAM, POST it Ma'am!

  4. Love em both!

    The scarf ring is one of their best I think...and I love the pink berries!!!!!
  5. WOW!! What beauties...congrats!!! Love the twilly...enjoy and thanks for sharing!
  6. the scarf ring is gorgeous. so cute, it says "hermes". do only the reg. size ones have that? is it painted or embossed/etched?
  7. And, of course, I must model it! I totally stole this idea from another tPF'er who posted on a Twilly thread. I LOVE it!

  8. The darker one is, I think, wood. I wanted that one too...but, maybe for fall??

    The Hermes is etched in it, it's not painted on at all. I'll check my mini's and see if they have it too!
  9. Fabu new H treats, A-T-G! Congrats!
  10. Gorgeous!!! hehehe I got to see 'em in person ;)

    Love the Twilly with scarf ring!!! :nuts: Gotta try that...
  11. They're gorgeous congratulations. I have that horn ring too and DD has the berries twilly in red/white. Great haul. Looks like you had fun.

  12. I think they all vary as it is natural horn from bufalo I think. I have the same one but it is darker and when I bought it, the SA pulled out the two she had and let me choose which one I preferred. There is also a scarf ring made from wood, this too has some natural variation but it is all a darkish coloured wood.
  13. I think you, allaboutnice, were my berries inspiration! I wanted that red/white one your DD has! Alas my shop NEVER has that one! When my SA pulled out this beauty...I forgot all about the red/white and HAD to have this one!

    Pink does look good on me!
  14. oops. I finally LOOKED at the pics of the horn ring in question--it does look darker but, like AAN says, it's probably natural variation.

    I saw a wood one I was debating on but, the horn won me over!