My newest addition but ahhhhhhh...?!

  1. Some of you might remember my nude yoyo dilemma. I bought the nude patent yoyo 110 at eBay price :sweatdrop: but the 39 ended up being too small. So in Paris I was thrilled to find them even with the 85 curved heel (so sad that they stopped making the 110) better than nothing in 39.5 I also tried them on in 39 but they were really tight and the 39.5 seemed fine .

    Now back home I tried them on again and they just slip off my foot...I had tried them on after walking for two days nearly non stop in the streets of Paris (ouch) and had certainly gained half a size.

    So back home I don't walk as much today I was home all day phhhh and my feet have gone back to normal.
    I don't know what to do see if I can get the 39 also, return the 39.5 ... keep both and wait until this summer and give up on the nude patent VP's (all three is not in budget)

    Soory for ranting it's just that I hate when things get "complicated"

  2. So sorry to hear your dilemma. I am going through the same one with the same shoe. I really wanted the nude patent No Prive or Very Prive but settled for the YoYo as I think they are more practical for me. I ordered the size that fit me in the store, the 39.5 which is half a size up from my normal CL size. When I got them in the mail I was a little disappointed about the sculpted heel but not much . The problem is that they are a bit too big! I put silicon gel heel grips in them but I still haven't worn them yet because part of me thinks I should get me proper size. I just don't know if it's possible.
    My advice to you (which I should take) is to wait to find your size. Order them and if they fit, only then should you return the pair you have.
  3. I really hope you will find what's right for you too, it's good to not feel alone in ones frustration.
    My problem is that I did try 1/2 a size smaller and on that day they were really snug , I think I would need a 1/4 of a size diffrence grhhhh
  4. Ohh what a shame! Can heel grips/inserts not help?
  5. I will try to check out inserts today, heelgrippers didn't work. Has anybody else found a solution?
  6. Your shoe will stretch a little with a few wears. You can do two things:
    1. Put a sock on and stretch out the smaller size. If it is just the toe that is tight, then put the sock only over your toe & ball of your foot and then put the shoe on. Looks funny and is uncomfortable, but it works like a charm.
    2. If your shoe is too big try the toe inserts, heel grippers, or "Foot Petals" or Insolia that run the length of the shoe to keep your foot from sliding. I love using the toe pad inserts when a shoe is a little loose.
    Good luck!!! It is worth it for the NUDE.
  7. Oh gosh! I go through this every year. My size changes depending on the season :lol:. I hate when in the Summer my feet swell and my shoes are tight on me, then comes Winter and my shoes are big on me :cursing:! Oh, I really know how frustrating it can be. Try using the inserts, that's what I've been doing for the last 2 years.

    O/T how do you find the sizing on this - should I take the same size as what I wear on the Simple 85? TIA.
  8. You can maybe take it to the cobblers and have an insole put in them. I went with my true US size cuz the SA told me they were gonna stretch. I have yet to wear them out yet but they are pretty tight on my left foot. I think I will live with that knowing they will stretch a bit later like my other shoes.

    I hope you find a solution the nude yoyos are gorgeous.
  9. Thanks for all your help and suggestions

    Lynn I tried heelgrippers but they don't work, since they are open toe I also tried the gel inserts they aren't very comfy but they seem to fit better

    wantmore it's really a casse tête: this morning I tried them on again...they fit I put them away go on errands etc.....this afternoon I try them on again
    and I have 1/4 inch gaping in the back grhhhh, weird feet.
    Concerning your question:
    I only know the 100 simples and yes I would get the same size
  10. bring them to the cobbler's and see what he can do for you?
  11. I'm so sorry CatCat. Keep us posted. Did the heel grips not work because your foot slides forward too much? If so, they are probably way too big.

    What about both gel insoles AND heel grips? Have you tried that?
  12. Cute shoes catcat. I hope one of the suggestions works for you! :smile:
  13. Catcat-I have two patent yoyo's different color and different sizes. I have one in size 40 and it fits a little tight but not uncomfortable. I walk in them with no problem. My other one is a size 40.5 and that one is a little big. I use the gel inserts and they fit perfect.

    Try different inserts and see which one works better for you.
    Good luck!
  14. lawchick I just don't like the feel of the heelgripps, need maybe to try another brand and I don't like my foot to be pushed forward.

    gemruby thanks for sharing, I think I will be fine with the gel inserts even if I am not a big fan, an I think I will mostly wear them in summer.

    I am on waitlist for the nude patent simples they should be able to "cover" spring and automne

    thanks asha it's not perfect but I will live with it they are so pretty!