my newest addiction- Violet SGH WORK! Come see!

  1. man oh man, when daphne called and said she had one of these with my name all over it, i had to go and see for myself! i know i said, i would never get a bag that had giant hardware because of the weight. but, what we do for love. LOL. i figure when i use this bag, i will only carry the essentials and nothin else. the pics just don't do this bag any justice. i'm telling you, it was love at first sight. the leather is close to my anthracite and everything is just perfect. how could i say no?! when i saw her being carried out, i practically squealed! i haven't had that reaction towards any bag in a LONG LONG time.

    i mean, this is my gem in my collection.

    i did however see the violet in a work with RH, and it just looked plain to me. i also asked to see the violet in city with SGH and it looked too crowded. the work size looks the best.

    btw- i did see a marigold day bag in SGH and GGH, and that combination is just TDF. you can't go wrong with either hardware. just beautiful. i def want to get something in marigold, just don't know what yet.

    anyway, enough talk, here are the pics!!




    this is my only indoor shot.


    all pics taken without flash to show the closest color to the bag!

    anyway i am taking her out today for a spin.:nuts::yahoo::sweatdrop::wlae:
    P100318.jpg P100319.jpg P100320.jpg P10326.jpg
  2. I'm dying over here:sweatdrop:!!! What a freeeeeeeeeeaking stunner!
  3. WOOOOW :drool::drool::drool: What can I say????? You are very very very lucky !!!! The bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! :heart::yahoo::heart:
  4. What a gorgeous Violet SGH Work:nuts:


    The leather looks amazing, and I think you're right, the SGH on the Work looks fab!

    Uh oh, I think I want one of these now.

    Enjoy your gorgeous bag:smile:
  5. thanks decophile! she smells amazing too!
  6. OMG, that is absolutely STUNNING!!
  7. :heart: so gorgeous! congrats on such a beauty! the leather on it is a killer.
  8. Wow! Just stunning. Enjoy.
  9. Superb bag - hope you are out having fun with her?!?
  10. Fayden how can you do this to me??? I've already sworn off Gh because of the weight!! I can't stand it - YOU're SGH is Gorgeous:nuts::nuts: WoW:nuts: Amazing!!:nuts: Congrats- Beautiful combo:yahoo:
  11. would love to see a picture of you wearing it ;)
  12. Fayden, that bag is absolutely amazing!!!
  13. i swore it off too because of the weight, but i just cannot resist this bag. too beautiful to pass up.
  14. :drool::drool::drool: "L" I :heart: her!! She's def one hot bag. I can't wait to get mine. She looks even lovelier today!! I can't see you until I get mine....
  15. will try to get that picture for you shortly!!