My newest acquisitions. Come see....

  1. My new to me latest haul.

    Papillion 30 with cross-grain from let-trade

    MC pochette

    and black epi petit noe from fashionphile :heart:
  2. I love that black MC pouchette, it has perfect colors. Congrats on them all!!
  3. Great haul!
  4. Love the patina on Papillon!
  5. I love that pochette! I want it in white... I love it love it love it! Congrats!
  6. love the colors on the mc!
  7. Actually is is not vachetta that will patina. This papillon was made with cross-grain leather so it does not patina. ;)
  8. congrats, love it all esp the pochette
  9. Congrats. I wish they still made the Papillons like that !!
  10. Congrats!
  11. I thought maybe you made a mistake by putting an "s" at the end of ACQUISITION - Well, for sure you didn't! CONGRATS!
  12. Wow! Love your new purchases!!! They are all great! I've been wanting something in black epi and the Noe just might be it...yours is lovely!
  13. Congratulations on them all- they're all fantastic! Any modeling photos??
  14. Looks like you've been having a bit of :yahoo: just lately!
  15. Ooo.. rare, I really liked the dyed leather on the pap, no worries about staining !