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  1. wallet and Icons book!!!! :yahoo:

    I wasn't sure on what to get... it was either this wallet or a blue polo that had tiny white LV's all over it.

    Epi smells sooooooooo good. After I made the decision that I was going to get a wallet, I then had trouble deciding if I should get this wallet or the Monogram Canvas Multiple Wallet... but my SA said that I had enough Monogram Canvas and I need to branch out. :lol:

    When I asked for the SA if I could get an Icons book, she said it was free, but they didn't have anymore. So I went to the Neiman Marcus LV and asked for it. The ignorant girl had no clue what I was talking about, so I pointed it out [it was on the shelf]. So she said "Ooooh.. THAT book." It'll be $20.51. So I paid and left. :hysteric: I also got many compliments on my iPod case. :jammin:

    I also purchased a black Suhali Cles from rebeccalou28 on eBay. I'll post the pics here when I get it. :supacool:



  2. Oh yeah... I found this scratch on my wallet below the "Paris" and above the "made in Spain" heat stamp... should I go through the hassle of fighting Houston traffic just to get a new one? :crybaby:

  3. The icons book is free? :shrugs:

    Traffic sucks in Houston but if it bothers you ---you should get a new one
  4. Congratulations John 5!

    Yes I think you should exchange for a new one... The scratch looks pretty obvious to me.
  5. Love it, Juan. It looks like you opened the Icons book. Is it nice? I have one that still unopened somewhere here. LOL. You've been doing a lot of shopping, eh? I'm still waiting for my Le Fab. When did you send it? Hahaha.
  6. congrats!:biggrin:
  7. Nice wallet! Hmm...I say, if it really bothers you, then why not return it (even though traffic sucks)? I don't think there's anything wrong with the wallet; looks rather gorgeous to me! Congrats!
  8. Black Epi and Suhahli. Talk about drool central!

    I agree about the exchange though, even if it means Houston smog and ignorant drivers. I grew up there ;)
  9. Congrats - that wallet is gorgeous! And I would def exchange it for one that was flawless - your wallet should be perfect when it comes from the shoppe!
  10. Icons book is very nice. I looove seeing all of the pics. :smile:

    A lot of shopping indeed. I also went to get presents for friends and sisters and mom.

    I didn't send ya the Le Fab. I sent ya the Alzer instead. :roflmfao:
  11. Congrats! Same wallet as I got my DH last year and he's very happy with it.
  12. Congrats and congrats!

    Love the wallet!
  13. Congrats John! That's super hot! But yeah, I'd def. exchange it for a non-scratched one!
  14. John love your new wallet :drool: very classy and chic...and congrats on the book:yahoo: :happydance: :wlae: ....happy holidays!!!!
  15. Wow! what did ya send me???