My New...

  1. EB city with GGH! It seems like everyone has one now, but it doesn't matter because I LOVE HER! I just signed for the package 15 minutes ago and spent the last 10 walking around my apartment with her over my shoulder:heart: At first I was a bit hesitant of ordering from BalNY because of their return policy, but I guess I need not have worried cos I think she's absolutely gorgeous. Here are some pictures; I knew I'd have to show her to you ladies :love:

    The first one was taken in my apartment under natural light and the second was taken right on my doorstep with the sun shining. i just LOVE how blue she is.
    n10037093_38781863_3758.jpg n10037093_38781864_4068.jpg
  2. Gorgeous, stunning, wonderful bag! Congratulations!
  3. lovely! the colour in the second photo is extra lush!
  4. How about some modeling shots celia?:woohoo:Love it!!We are now EB GH City sisters!!
  5. everyone on tPF has EB, but i have yet to see anybody is real life carrying one! heck, i have yet to see even 3 people carrying a bbag in real life :p

    your EB is gorgeous! congrats :yahoo:
  6. lovely bag. congrats
  7. In no way does that diminish a lovely bag and a very happy you! Besides, it is a GREAT bag! Congratulations!
  8. So happy for you! Enjoy her! The color is amazing too!! :yes:
  9. Lucky woman! Enjoy her.
  10. Who the heck cares what everybody else has! It's you who will carry it with PRIDE!

    *reminds me of seeing that ONE picture of three or four beautiful Asian ladies with their Damier Speedy 30's*
  11. I love it when EB looks darker - like dark turquoise!
  12. She is gorgeous! And if a lot of people have the same bag, that just confirms your fabulously good taste! Congrats!
  13. CONGRATS!!! You & Jo_ee has the same GGH EB & both are gorgeous!
  14. Every EB is equally fabulous and the more, the merrier! Congrats on such a beautifullll bag! :tup:
  15. congrats!