My new yummy bags and older ones.... lots of pics!!

  1. I was on a pic-taking hiatus for a while because I was lazy and figuring out my camera was a chore. But I finally did it!
    BUTTT.. I just haven't had a chance to take a family pic yet. I don't want bf to know that I do this. :ashamed:

    Anyway.. first off. I finally figured out my camera and was able to take MUCH better pics of my older bags. My Pre Fall 2006 225 bordeaux reissue is simply gorgeous under this light

    I included a modeling pic as well. I'm wearing a white cotton Bellekat minidress with wide straps. :heart:

    Doesn't it reminisce the new red caviar classic flap? Except a darker bolder shade.
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    S5030169.JPG S5030189.JPG S5030013.JPG
  3. LOVE this bag..SO HOT IRL!

    I almost got one last month that was a return at my Saks.But it was damaged(top was flattened like a pancake!)..I was so bummed!!!I still wanted it too..hehe.....
    This is the nicest bag color and bag in existence!!

  4. Second.. my beige caviar classic flap with gold hardware. I now have better modeling pics with this bag! :p
    I'll be sure to post this in the "Action" thread:

    White Bellekat mini dress (so comfy!)
    Beige caviar classic flap w/ gold hardware
    Christian Louboutin Espadrilles w/ gold straps

    Sorry for the bathroom pics! I had most lighting in my bathroom!
    S5030191.JPG S5030192.JPG
  5. Now my newbies! Below I have a Fall 2006 Dark brown vintage ligne tote. I needed a big Chanel tote as most of my bags are flap bags. This bag is super lovely. The leather is so squishy and I feel like I can wear this bag all year round. Actually I wear all my bags all year round. $1995

    :heart: :heart:

    Modeling pic:

    White A&F cropped cardigan
    Green Express top
    True Religion jeans in Johnny Easy Rider
    Cream Delman mocassins (unpictured)
    S5030194.JPG S5030171.JPG S5030163.JPG S5030165.JPG
  6. Your bourdeux reissue is TDF!!! I think that's the prettiest color Chanel has made. Enjoy all your bags...

  7. Aww Jill!! This baby took some time to love. I didn't feel that love at first sight feeling. But it grew fast after I started using her!! I hope you get one soon...but you have SOO MANY babies to give attention to!!! :nuts:
  8. Next is my favorite one at the moment!!! Cruise 2007 225 Dark Silver reissue. The main distinction between this one and the preceding reissues is the Ruthenium hardware as opposed to the antiqued hardware on my bordeaux. I love it. (Yes, aside from the metallic color).

    My favorite size from the reissues is the 225. So cute and lovely. If I were to buy the 226 or 227 I would sure bang that thing up.

    Same outfit!

    I love how the color is a chameleon. It is pewter beige or rose beige or silvery under various lightings. At first it was too blingy for my taste but I felt this bag would add great color to white dresses, cream tops, blues, neutral colors.
    S5030185.JPG S5030186.JPG S5030184.JPG S5030183.JPG S5030180.JPG
  9. My new 07dark silver reissue with her sister, the 06bordeaux.... :heart:

    With no flash (light from my window) and flash. Notice how the quilting is so evident with flash. It's neat. :p
    S5030188.JPG S5030187.JPG
  10. You have a nice selection! I want a dark silver reissue too. Cute Louboutin wedge?
  11. Great collection!!! I love the bordeaux and the vintage ligne...
  12. The bordeaux reissue is so gorgeous!
  13. thanks iluvchanel! the dark silver took a while to grow into.. in fact i was so taken by it when I saw clanalois' 226 reissue.... they're in the ref library. breathtaking!

    yup they are louboutin espadrilles... :smile:
  14. I have to find the vintage ligne tote ahh... my NM had the caramel brown, but it was damaged, and I would have had to purchase that display. :sad: You have some stunning bags!! :smile: I also love the dark silver reissue (mine is the 226 size... I guess it's a good thing I am anal with my bags haha, I would be seriously depressed if I banged mine up)! ITA about its chameleon like quality... that's what makes it so gorgeous and unique IMO. Love the Bordeaux reissue as well, it's such a rich, striking color! You have great taste! :smile:
  15. Great bags-so classy!!!