my new YSL Downtown! *pics*

  1. I've been wanting the black patent Downtown for so long, but they are sold out in many places, so I was thrilled to find one today at my local YSL boutique in Chevy Chase, Md.

    This is the large size Downtown, and it is big. But I preferred the look of the vertical large size rather than the more-horizontal medium size. And I needed a larger black tote for work, so this is perfect for me. (I have several small and medium-sized black Chanel bags for when I'm carrying less stuff.)

    The boutique also had the Downtown in the violet color and the new dark olive cypress green for fall, and they were lovely. But I really wanted the black patent.

    Here it is...


    The patent is textured so it doesn't show as many fingerprints.


    The top is lined in suede and the rest is lined in satin fabric.

    Here's the Downtown with my YSL Chocolate Oversize Muse.
    YSL Downtown1.JPG YSL Downtown2.JPG YSL Downtown3.JPG YSL Downtown4.JPG YSL Downtown5.JPG
  2. WOW!!! It is gorgeous! Congrats!!
  3. Congrats!
  4. tdf!! congrats!
  5. That is one hot bag! Congratulations Cosmopolitan. Lovely addition to your gorgeous Muse.
  6. That bag is stunning!!! So is your Muse!
  7. Thanks so much crouner, sammydoll, shoptfs, samantha's collection, and jessdressed. :love: I'm very happy with my new bag!
  8. Congratulations Cosmo!!!!! The patent looks so *classy*
    beautiful photos too.:nuts:
  9. ^^^Thanks Pinkie! I really like the patent too. I think it'll *pop* even when I'm wearing it with a black coat or outfit.
  10. I am patent with envy! Omg that's gorgeous!
  11. Congratulations Cosmo. I love patent, it's very stunning.
  12. Nice!!!!!!!!Congrats!
  13. wow. I LOVE it! congrats and thanks for sharing!
  14. Thanks mewlicious, bag.lover, tanj, and precious moment!

    I'm dying to carry my new bag to work tomorrow, but its supposed to be near 100 degrees here, and the patent might seem a bit out of place. :sweatdrop:
  15. congrats!congrats!:okay: