My New York Balenciaga experience and purchase.....*pics*

  1. Hi ladies

    I did it....I managed to lose my partner for a few hours during our visit to New York (he wanted to do a tour of a baseball stadium...I didn't) and managed to visit both Barneys and BALNY.

    Barneys was disappointing....didn't see anything I would want to buy. I was particularly looking for something in Vert Thyme, but they only had it in the city and I think part time and both were in the giant hardware.

    I then ventured to BALNY. I see what you mean by the cave. However the sales assistant was very nice, and whilst again they didn't have much in VT (except a work I think), I ended up buying a step in the Olive. They also had the brief in olive with giant silver hardware, and I must admit I was sorely tempted.

    I was surprised that the step is smaller than expected, probably city size.

    Anyway she is a beauty, and I am delighted with my purchase.....


  2. I love your Step in this color.:tup: Congrats and merry x-mas.:yahoo:
  3. What gorgeous leather!! And I love how much depth the color has - one of the best pics of VT that I have seen so far!!
  4. great combination of style and leather - I am the biggest VF fan! The leather is amazing on yours!
  5. Thanks Nanaz, CoutureObsessed & Alisonanna.

    I'm really chuffed with this style, colour and the 07 leather has been gorgeous.
  6. Oooooooh ... very nice! I had seen the Step style in Italy (in the Violet color) but I resisted because (as you say) it seemed to be the same size as the City and I really prefer a larger bag. Your bag is indeed a beauty ... CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. it's gorgeous.. i love the color and this style.. congrats!!
  8. wow, VF is lovely. almost metallic looking but not as 'flashy'. congrats on a unique buy!
  9. F&G!!!!! You ventured away from the day bag! THat is one good lookin' yummy step! I love vert fonce, you have to post a modeling pic. SOme many people have questions about the step, it would probably be very helpful. I hope you are having a good time in NYC, will you be there for the New Year? Happy Holidays!
  10. gorgeous choice - congrats!
  11. Ahhh... LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS THICK LEATHER!!!.. I think Vert FOnce, and Mogano had the best leather in f/w 2007. Enjoy her!!! I just wanna hug your Brief!! hahah. :nuts:
  12. love it, congrats!
  13. congrats on the olive step F&G! she's beautiful! too bad on the VT...good luck in your search! :tup::heart:
  14. Very pretty! Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  15. Congrats!! I looooooooove VF. One of the most interesting, yummy, verstile neutrals around. I'm carrying my VF SHG Day :love: today and I had to give it a rub down and smoooosh after I saw pics of your new beauty. Love it!