My New Year's Resolution - For My Jewelry

  1. My resolution for the New Year is to WEAR my jewelry, and not let them just sit in their boxes! I decided to get organized and not just have everything "stuck away" in boxes and drawers, so I bought a bunch of these stacking jewelry compartments - this one is from, but they can be found at a lot of websites:


    They come in a lot of configurations and you can stack them up. Each one has a clear plastic lid, so it's easy to see what is inside. I know I sound like a commercial, but I am not connected with the company, lol! I just think they are a great product.
  2. It's a cute idea. If I had more dresser space I'd do it too.
  3. I whole heartedly second your resolution! :smile: I need to start wearing more of the jewelry that I make...I'm horrible at going out with no jewelry and that's just dumb. and I need to get a new watch...I'm not going to make them much any longer so I want to get one that I haven't made. I like the one I got my's a Skaagen (sp?) and they have them for women too. I like how thin they are.
  4. I designed some of the jewelry for but need to start wearing them more so that will be my new year resolution.
    I guess I will just have to give a talk with my bf for a compromis... maybe a few days for mine and a few days for mine but hte ones he gave me.