My new wristlets and mini skinnies!

  1. Intrigued if whether there were new accessories to go with the new pink soho multi print bag, I asked my SA if she would do a search for me. Lo and behold she found some! She's so awesome!

    So here is my new Soho Multi capacity wristlet (MSR $98) and mini skinny ($48) in pink!
    P1170691.JPG P1170693.JPG P1170702.JPG P1170696.JPG
  2. I also purchased the bleeker capacity wristlet ($98) and the Hamptons mini skinny ($42) in Khaki/ rose. I love them all!
    P1170698.JPG P1170706.JPG
  3. Love your new wristlets & mini skinnies!
  4. i like the soho wristlet, really nice!!
  5. All very pretty! Especially love the Bleeker.;)
  6. I like all of your new wristlets and mini skinnies. The pink soho wristlet is adorable!:love:
  7. great stuff ! thanks for posting the pics, i've been wondering about the khaki rose because it comes up white on the website when I click on it..
  8. Oh that is just so cute, perfect for summer. Congrat's and Enjoy!

    Is it possible to show what it will hold ?
  9. How cute! I love your new wristlets/mini skinnies! Congrats!
  10. cute...especially the khaki/rose mini skinny!
  11. uh oh.. i think Candace's wallet is in trouble again....?
  12. Sure!

    It measures 7 3/4" x 5" roughly. All the stuff fits pretty snug, but not too bad.

    I forgot to mention that the style number for the wristlet is 41504 and the mini skinny is 41360.
    P1170733.JPG P1170739.JPG
  13. Oh I know, huh?

    And speaking of wallets, this design should be coming out in a slim envelope style. Not entirely sure how much, but it's at least $200.
  14. WHY did you have to post pics?!?!? :p

    They're beautiful but now I wantttt!! ESPECIALLY that adorable skinny!

    Great purchases, congrats!
  15. aww your purchases are so cute and very nice for spring!