My new wristlet!

  1. It arrived yesterday - my new gallery wristlet! It is a nice silky nylon with leather trim. I love it - and it goes so well with my Carly! :yahoo:

    It is so cute and a great size - I think it will also be perfect as a little clutch this time of year.

    Thanks to The Artist who's pics inspired me to hunt this one down on eBay!
    IMG_0692.JPG IMG_0694.JPG IMG_0696.JPG
  2. Very lovely. It will look great with your Carly! :yes:
  3. it's beautiful!!! congrats greenpixie!!
  4. Congrats, how cute! Love the two pockets on the front!
  5. Cute :smile: congrat's
  6. wow never seen that one before. Very nice.
  7. That is adorable. It will look great w/your Carly. Congratulations!
  8. ooh, I love it!!! Great find! :tup:
  9. OMG! I have this cute little bag...I bought it last year at TJ Maxx. I love this bag. It actually holds a lot. CONGRATS on a great find!
  10. Very cute!!! I might have to hunt one down for my mother.
  11. Beautiful
  12. OH are going to love that black glad I sent the pics and you decided to hunt one down!!!! In fact, I used my one in 'purple & gold' last weekend just to have lunch with a friend and 2 ladies came to the table to ask where I got it!! Plus the 'purple & gold' drew them in as we Louisiana folks are sending our LSU tiger football team to the National Championship Game in New Orleans and the tigers colors are purple and gold!!! Enjoy the black Gallery Wristlet...I love mine!!!!
    CoachGoldPurpleGalleryWrist11-07.jpg CoachGalleryWrist9-18-07.jpg
  13. Wow I really like this! I have never seen it before and its very nice!