my new work for my new job!!!!

  1. Hi everyone!! I started a thread last week about getting a work for my first REAL job out of college being as a sales representative, but I didn’t know if I should go with black or steel. Well, I ended up with black; I know boring, but its classic and goes with everything!!! So, without further ado, I present my brand new black work, she’s from 2006 and I am very happy with the leather on her. It’s thick but still has some veins; some of the pictures make her look shinier than she really is. I also took pictures of what I keep in her now, but when I start my job next week, there will be more “professional” things added lol. I am so excited for my new job and my new bbag, I think the work is a great size!!! Now for a question, I will be getting business cards once I start, do you think I can use the mini coin purse to hold them? Or do you think that it is too flimsy? I really want one, but don’t know what else I would use it for. What do other people use for a business card holder? Any suggestions will be appreciated!! Thanks for letting me share!!!!!
    black work.JPG bbag.JPG back of work.JPG side.JPG in bag.JPG
  2. love it and your accessories too!
  3. beautiful work!
  4. What a beauty! Love the MU clutch as well. Congrats on your work and your new job!
  5. boring?! are you kidding me?! no way! i love the work in black. it is such a classic beauty. congrats on your gorgeous bag and on your new job!

    i think a coin purse would be a bit flimsy for your business card. maybe you can try another designer line?
  6. congrats on the new job! hope you love it! and i love your bag and everything inside! i see you drive a VW :p
  7. Pretty! Congrats and good luck on your new job.
  8. :yahoo:[​IMG]
    Congrats! Love the insides too! You will LOVE the work! Love your makeup bag too!!
  9. yay congrats!!! Your bag is beautiful!!!
  10. Congrats on your job, how exciting! I think your bag is beautiful, I would have picked black too.
  11. Beautiful! And congrats on your new job!!!!
  12. CONGRATS on the new job and the new bbag! It's not boring, it's awesome!!
  13. What a's a beauty! Great way to start off this new journey, job, bag...CONGRATS!!!
  14. Gorgeous! I have an 06 black work too and totally love it. Good luck with your new job!
  15. I love your work! Congrats on your new jobs too. I also love your little blue B Bag. What is that one? (I'm new to B Bags so I'm still learning the styels).