My new work bag and then some

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  1. After asking advice in few threads earlier (Best for work bag, what do you think of these) I finally made a decision and did some serious shopping today.

    My days in Paris are over so I went and splurged on some souvenirs for myself :nuts:

    Here's what I found:

    Miu Miu Coffer in dark brown (been drooling for this for so long)
    Balenciaga Twiggy in rouge vermilion (needed a splash of color to spice up my brown/black bag collection)
    Bottega Veneta credit card holder in black (for my now banned cards)
    Hermes carre (running out of excuses)

    From now on I will be on purse ban for a looong time but I don't care I love them all :yahoo:I think I have a hangover for buying too many luxurious things at once :weird:
    family portrait flash.JPG family portrait sans flash.JPG hermes.JPG coffer.JPG twiggy.JPG
  2. ohmigosh- love ALL of it...congrats & yay for you!!!
  3. The Coffer is beautiful! It reminds me of a stuffed animal - I just want to hug it in my sleep!

    Great buys!
  4. :nuts:Oh my! That is one serious shopping exped. Looks like you had lots of fun, congrats :yahoo:
  5. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!!!! congrats, they are all very pretty!
  6. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!I love it all!!!!!

  7. I know the feeling... drink some water and make sure to pet your new bags often and you should feel fine soon! :graucho:

    You made out like a bandit!
  8. Congratulations on your new purchases! They all look so lovely!
  9. Just stunning - enjoy your lovely purchases :smile:!
  10. very, very nice!
  11. everything is SO beautiful... enjoy:yahoo:
  12. So which bag is for work? I guess it doesn't matter, they're both beautiful!
  13. Oh my!!! Your bags are incredibly gorgeous!
  14. Oh my goodness...all of your new purchases are TDF!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  15. Wow! Everything is beautiful, congrats!