My NEW Wishlist...Come on PCE!!!

  1. I am returning a bag that I never used for a credit of about $398. And with V-Day coming up I am hoping to get some new additions to my collection. I have decided to make a list...a long list...of everything I want. Here it goes!!
    First bags!
    ^^in white^^
    ^^in black/black^^
    ^^in khaki/angora^^ my angora is backk!!!!!
    Now Accesories!!
    ^^in khaki/black^^
    ^^in khaki/white^^
    ^^in pink^^
    ^^have to have it! no questions^^

    Okay maybe it is a little much...Okay it is more of a wishlist I guess...
    And hey! Where did the blue heritage line go?!?!?!
    Everyone else feel free to post your wishlists if you want!!!:yahoo:
  2. I keep my wishlist in my signature but there isn't much new on it right now. I'm mainly looking for deleted items :shrugs:
  3. I HAVE to have the new Heritage stripe XL satchel!! Im praying that the day will come sometime next week!!!! :smile:))))
  4. So far I've got three pair of Coach shoes on my Wish List: Abella, Loiss, and Odette pumps. The problem is that I want all three in multiple colors and will then want a matching hand bag for each of them :upsidedown: