My " new" white work

  1. Yesterday i've receive this amazing bag...
    It is my " first" work... it is not too big on me ( i'm 5.3= 1.63cm) and it's big enough for my pinscher named Milly ..

    It is a 05 bag so the leather is amazing...!
    Here you can see some pics.....
    There are also 2 pics of my recent holiday in Sardinia ( Italy)... Enjoy!
  2. Congrats l_b !!!!
    But I can't see pics ....
  3. :shame: are the pics

    Thanks Christina ( Miss.L)
    White Work 003.jpg White Work 009.jpg White Work 011.jpg White Work 012.jpg White Work 010.jpg
  4. Congrats!! ....hope to see pics :smile:
  5. It's beautiful!! ...You look great! and nice little dog :smile:
  6. The bag, the dog...and those sandals!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. I love the bag :yahoo: :heart: !!!
    and I love Milly :love: :love: !!!!!
    Thanks l_b for sharing :flowers: !!!!!!!!
  8. Sorry for bad pics anf for my " home outfit"
    Here are 2 pics of Sardinia...
    Mariolu 001.jpg Mariolu 002.jpg
  9. Sandals are K Jacques St Tropez
  10. It looks great on you! Lovely bag and cute pup!
  11. congrats and enjoy! I just love the work size!
  12. Congrats! The leather looks amazing! Your pup is tooooo cute!:love: The pics from Sardinia are beautiful! I'd love to be there right now!:heart:
  13. I love it l_b!!!! Oh- those are just the cutest pictures!!!
  14. Thanks Zacorey... What are you going to buy at BalNY?
  15. l_b - your pictures are adorable. I love the bag, I love the dog and omg - Sardinia is amazing. The water looks like Balenciaga turquoise :love:

    Thanks for posting them