My new white vintage flap arrived today!!!!

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  1. My new white vintage flap arrived today! I searched high and low for her! wanted one with gold HW. Thanks to the authentication girls! I am so excited to bad it is 20 below in Chicago, I dont think she is going to make it out the the closet for a few months :drool:
    white flap5.JPG white flap1.jpg white flap3.jpg white flap 2.jpg
  2. Very nice! The white and gold look so nice together :tup:.
  3. beautiful! congrats!
  4. I remember seeing this bag- Congrats!!

    She is beautiful, enjoy - just looking at her...... and when the weather is better wearing her out.:yes:
  5. Freaking Gorgeous!
  6. i remembered seeing this bag ... ebay?
    It is really gorgeous! Do post mod picture soon ya?
  7. Stunning!
  8. [​IMG]

    This bag is beautiful......Congrats!!~
  9. Very pretty. What size is it? It looks like a great size to. Congrats on finding her.
  10. Oh wow, I like that a lot! What a wonderful find. Congratulations!
  11. It is absolutely gorgeous! Take good care of her~
  12. It's 10X6 so I guess that would be Medium?
  13. oooh, she's pretty! :love:
  14. Very nice!
  15. congrats!