1. Hey everyone!

    Thanks for everyone's supportive votes for when I had my last thread about which of the colour combinations would be better between the two of my favourites! For those of you who don't know here is the link...

    I finally bought my white ursula on tuesday the 1st of May. Little did I know that they were being released on that day! :confused1:

    I did call LV up 2 days beforehand and they said that there had been a few Ursulas that have arrived at my nearest store that was the reason why I decided to go, so that I could take a look at it in person, because I thought I was pretty far down the wait list to be able to have one bought anytime soon. Once I arrived I asked the SA whether they have any Ursulas in and he then told me that there is one left that is not reserved!!:wtf:

    How shocking was that to know when I was meant to be on the list and I had not got a call that day! I was lucky to have gone there on the release day!

    Anyway I was going to just look at the bag and ask the SA if it was possible for them to call me when the right colour combo Ursula arrives, that was the plan! As I wanted to have the hot pink colour on either side of the brass lock.

    But he went to get me the last Ursula and pulled down the dustbag slightly to reveal the top two colours on either side of the brass press lock...and sure enough...I couldn't believe my was HOT PINK! :nuts:

    I was so excited that I couldn't believe my luck :yahoo: I said to my friend 'spangle' (known here as on tpf) 'It's the perfect combination!!'

    How damn lucky I was to have got the last one and it was the exact colour I wanted! For those of you's who had read my old thread about this I am sure you would be suprised also! Anyway here it is my brand new baby...:supacool:
    bag1.jpg bag2.jpg
  2. This bag is absoutely amazing! SO HOT! I LOVE IT!
  3. I'm so happy that you got the one you wanted! :dothewave:

    Congrats (again!) and of course you look great with it! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats! You wear it well too!
  5. WOW Love the colour combo v.pretty Congrats!!
  6. cute! congrats
  7. it's such a gorgeous bag! congrats~~
  8. Stunning bag :smile: congrat's
  9. I am so excited for you! YAY! The perfect combo.

    And as Bruce said in Bruce Almighty "Bingo! Yahtzee!"
  11. beautful color combo-- Congratulations!!!
  12. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: It IS the perfect color combo! It doesn't have any of the icky green or black on there!!! It's so pretty! Congrats!
  13. perfect it was fate!!!
  14. I'm happy that you got the one you wanted, congrats!
  15. I am more than happy! I am still getting those giddy feelings now!! :p Thanks everyone!

    I asked the SA whether all those that have bought the Ursula already before me had picked the colours from them and he had said no. Otherwise I reckon my bag will be gone first!

    Soooooo happy....I still think about it everynight!! :yes: