My new white leather soho hobo - opinions?

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  1. Hey guys - I ordered a small leather soho hobo (my 4th soho hobo :nuts:) and got it today. I need opinions. I was kind of thinking that the whole thing's be white - like the strap included - so it took me by surprise, having a brown strap and brown accents. I don't know what I think. I think I like it - but what do you guys think about the brown/white contrast?

  2. I think its cute. With the brown on it you could almost use it year round

    But having said that, if you don't love the brown, you should exchange it for one that you truly love.

    good luck!
  3. It looks pretty! I like the brown and agree with court on being able to use it longer. It looks pretty good on you too!
  4. I LOVE brown trim on a white bag. Years ago, D&B used to do some really smart looking bags in All Weather Leather and I always loved the white and brown. Classy! But like Court said, if you don't LOVE it, keep looking!
  5. I love the brown with the white, makes it classier looking than an all white bag.

    Very nice!! Looks great on you.
  6. I really like the accent that the brown provides! It looks great both from the side and from the front because of the brown strap. I think it makes it a very sharp-looking bag. Congrats!
  7. I definitely like it with the brown. The ONLY issue I have with that is I can't wear it with something like a gray hoodie or a gray shirt. But that's only because every single thing I wear has to match with my purse. I'm anal about that. It looks really good on you though, you should keep it!
  8. If it didn't have the brown that bag would've been mine before you could say soho hobo!! The combo looks good, but I just prefer an all white bag myself.
  9. its cute.

  10. say that 10 times fast hee hee


    I can't even type it fast

  11. I like it because it makes it match more and makes it a little less summery, so you can wear it more year round
  12. I really like it. Where did you order it from? I don't see it on
  13. I like it!!

    You can get it in all white! I have the black.

    But I think the brown adds a nice touch to it!!
  14. lol
  15. I like the brown and white combination!
    It looks great on you!