My New white Flap and other goodies!!! Reveal!!!!!

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  1. Ok, so my wishlist is complete!:yahoo: I'm soooooo happy! So I'm going to let the pics do the talking! Thanks to everyone who helped me decide between a white or black flap and those who helped me decide between the silver tone and gold tone pearl necklace! :wlae:

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  2. NICE! Congratulations. Love the white jumbo.
  3. breathtaking.
  4. congrats!!
  5. Wow!! Congratulations on your new white flap + other goodies.... love your pearl necklace.
  6. Congrats!!!

  7. oh my gosh i'm soo jealous!
    the flap is GORGEOUS! :tup:
  8. lovelyyy!!! love em alll!! congratss!!
  9. Oh wow! They're all fantastic. LOVE the white
  10. WOW...They are all gorgy!!
  11. Congrats! LOVE the white jumbo and you got the pearls and sunglasses! Excellent! Are you going to show us the sunglasses?
  12. congrats!!!
  13. I love your new Chanels! Your white flap is absolutely STUNNING! Congrats!
  14. Oh, I love white jumbos! You did really good!
  15. Congrats!!!