My new white day

  1. It arrived. I got to say I don't love it as much as the brief. I love the color though, I have been looking for a white bag for months.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. OHHH, pretty! Is it white or the Ivory color? If you don't love it return it so you can get another Brief!:yes: Believe me...when I first started buying Bbags I bought up everything I could see and then I had to do a weeding out process to get exactly what I wanted.
  3. wow! it's really snowy white!

    get another color if u don't love it~!
  4. its white. that is exactly how I am, when I get hooked I buy everything all at once. Then I go back and get rid of what I don't really find myself using. I do love the brief, I have a white one its way to me already:yes:
  5. I think it is gorgeous and the leather looks so yummy.:drool: Try it for few days and see how you feel about it if it is not love then don't keep it but give it a chance first.:yes:
  6. I guess I did not know it was going to be so wrinkly. I am going to keep it though as I can't just collect briefs:smile:
  7. Wrinkly is the best (IMO).:tup:
  8. wrinkly, really? I had no idea, I figured it happend during shipping. Glad to know its ok, as I was worried about it.
  9. LOVE IT!!

    Its a beauty - congrats!
  10. Ditto!
  11. It's very pretty in white, I really like it.
  12. Wow, I really think the texture is fantastic!
  13. I do think it is a lovely bag :tup: I am not so much a white fans, but when I look at your bag pics, I just feel my heart beats fast and I guess it must be love at first sight....Congrats on your new lovely bag :drool::nuts::love:
  14. LV415... you are sOOOO on a ROOOLLL~! cOngrats!!! She's gorgeous!
  15. I have playing around with this bag for the past 20 minutes, and now I love it. I am really into white bags at the moment. Possibly a white city is next for me.