My new white coco cabas!!

  1. Ladies,

    I walked into Saks intending to inquire after how long the waiting list is, instead, they told me that they are holding one right there for a "fickle" lady who changed her mind! :yes:

    I took her home with me (and got a gift card to boot) :wlae:
  2. LOVE IT!! If this Cabas were smaller I'd be all over it! I'm waiting for the baby Cabas to arrive into stores.

    Congrats! I love the charm and the CC logo!! White is TDF in this style.
  3. I love it too. Yep, me too. Waiting for the new cruise cabas. I totally in love with the diamond stitching at the bottom of the bag.
  4. Lucky you! It was meant to be yours. Congratulations!
  5. I thought it would be too big for me too. But strangely when I put it on, I loved the look. Granted it was still big, but by no means dwarfing. Instead, I thought it was very edgy.

    I am 5'5" by the way. I wil see if I can take a picture while wearing it. I never seem to be able to do a good job on that. I have to twist a lot and the flash ruins most of them anyway.
  6. This bag is so much more beautiful in leather. The white and brown leather are striking. Congratulations.:yahoo:
  7. Ok, here's one. Sorry for the gym clothes, was about to go work out.
  8. roey,

    i agree, this is too big, as it looks RIDICULOUS on me! im short lol.. :biggrin: i will love the baby cabas in white
  9. Gorgeous! I love it in white but I'm too paranoid about my bags getting dirty! It looks great on you though. :smile: Will you be spraying anything on the leather to protect it?
  10. Pretty. Congrats!
  11. It looks so pretty on you! Congrats!!! I love the color
  12. :heart: it!!!
  13. So beautiful. I love the white. White is so versitile these days. AND don't you feel like it was your lucky day!!!

    I have the patent Coco Cabas. Carry it every day and love it. I get tons of compliments. Its large but slouchy enough that it is edgy as tods123 mentioned. And as long as I can find the phone in the phone pocket - its good.
  14. Sorry - its you! tods 123 Feeling stupid...

    Anyway it looks great on you...
  15. it will definitely be way toooooo big on me (5'2")... but I think it's aboslutely gorgeous on you, really, even in your gym gear! Congrats.... !