My New "White" Cloudy Bundle!

  1. Earlier this week a wonderful PF member (shout out to Yorelica!) posted that the Canada boutiques had put the Cloudy Bundle collection on sale for 30% off. I called Nordstrom Topenga and my s/a Lori had a brand new "white" n/s tote in the back - and price matched it for me!

    Chanel really named the Cloudy colors incorrectly. What they call "beige" is actually the dirty olive; I thought they were different colors but they're not. When I told Lori I wanted beige she went over the colors on the boxes with me. The greenish brown is dirty olive, and the white is beige, as you can see from my photo. It's more of a tan beige versus a yellow beige.

    Let me tell you all that pictures do not do the Cloudy Bundle tote justice *at all*. I always maintained it looked cheap and trendy in photos, but IRL it is just gorgeous. It arrived with my khaki Cabas and I barely gave the khaki a second look all day. The Cloudy leather is soft yet sturdy enough that the bag doesn't collapse when set down; I ran my fingernails over the leather and no scratches appeared, and it sits very comfortably on the shoulder. It was instant :love: and the $700 savings really sweet!

    I'm hoping my eBay sales do well to fund this beauty! I am even returning my brown caviar Classic Jumbo flap to Denise at Nordstrom Seattle. It hasn't even been used yet and will receive no use with the new Cloudy, so if anyone is looking for a dark brown Caviar Jumbo I'll hook you up with Denise and you can purchase it when it arrives back to the store! I'd love for her to have a sale all lined up, since I always feel terrible returning bags to wonderful s/a's.
    Cloudy.JPG Me&Cloudy.JPG
  2. Wow! I'm losing count of your Chanels Roey! beautiful, congrats!!
  3. Congrats Roey. =)
  4. It's gorgeous and looks FABULOUS on you! :love:
  5. your welcome love!

    glad it worked out for you - it looks incredible on you!!!! *heart heart*

    more photos would be good
  6. :yahoo: :love: :love: Roey I am so glad you love it IRL and that everything worked out perfectly. The bag is stunning and it looks gorgeous on you. I loved the other color, but this beige is even prettier. Congrats and enjoy! Do you like the khaki as well?
  7. She looks so fluffy and cute, Congrats!!!
  8. Ooh! Love It!
  9. Congrats Roey!! Glad you love cb but don't let poor baby cabas get jealous! must take that out as well!
  10. Thanks gals! I've figured out what it is about the baby Cabas that made it feel awkward - the makeup pouch inside! Removing it makes the bag slouch so much better and feel more comfortable, at least on me. Both will get used quite a bit but Cloudy definitely has a special place in my heart.
  11. It looks so squishy. I can't wait to touch and feel one of these IRL.

  12. I love it Roey!! Congrats on the great deal (yay Yorelica for looking out for us!!) and it looks absolutely fabulous on you!!!
  13. :nuts: It's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  14. GREAT bag, Roey! Looks fabulous on you, too!
  15. I love it! Congrats!:yahoo: