My New White Caviar Jumbo has creases at the top and in the sides – is that normal?

  1. My other caviar flaps are medium and don’t have any creases at all (and I’ve used them often)...

    This brand new one I purchased today has creases at the side and at the top – is that normal for a jumbo?:confused1:
  2. I cant imagine what creases would look like. Can you post pics of it? I dont think any of my jumbos have creases.
  3. nope, it shouldn't have. can you exchange it?
  4. I'll take pics, but is there a way I can post pics having to use photobucket?
  5. click 'go advance' instead of 'post quick reply', then you should be able to attached pic straight from your computer.
  6. Thanks Ice!

    I'll take some pics tomorrow in the sunlight and post them.
    My friend says the bag looks like it was a display model :push:
  7. I am not sure what you mean by creases but it does fold in at the sides. Post the pics and then we can better understand what you mean.