My New White Baby!!

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  1. I did it gals!!! :yahoo: I bought the large white classic... and I am sooooo in :heart: with it! What does everyone thinks of the size? Here are pictures!!


    With its red friend!
    How's the look??
  2. Very nice!!! Congrats & Enjoy!!! I love white~
  3. congrats, long last you got it. it's beautiful
  4. Aaahhh I just looked at your other thread too and I'm drooling...
  5. Congrats, oh its TDF. I want one sooo bad, if you don't mind me asking how much was it? And are there a lot available? Thanks!!!
  6. Sorry... answered the wrong question in the wrong thread. It's AUD 2165? And there's one more left at the melbourne boutique...
  7. I think its beautiful! And I love your red classic too. Pixel, I saw the red east west too, but no large.:sad:
  8. Oh where did u see the east west sophia?
  9. I love love love this!
  10. Pixel, is there any slightest chance of getting the large red classic in Oz? I saw the E/W in Singapore early last month.
  11. Wat does everyone think about the size? do u think the jumbo would look huge on me?
  12. No hun... i seriously think they are all sold out. Cos chanel had a drought of stock for a few weeks.. :s
  13. Ok, I think the large looks good on you, (my personal opinion only) the jumbo might look a bit overwhelming on you.
  14. gorgeous! I think that's a perfect size on you
  15. I LOVE your bag! It's gorgeous. Personally, I think the large suits you very well.