My new white 227 reissue!!

  1. Here she is!! I :heart: her!
    a white chanel.jpg
  2. mac, she gorgeous and she looks fantastic on you. GREAT size! :yahoo:
  3. Nice! Looks lovely on you! :love:
  4. Love it !

    You have very pretty hands too I might add .

  5. LOL!! Drastic need for manicure!!
  6. Absolutely Lovely! May I Ask What Did It Cost You And Were Did You Get It?
  7. Congratulations! It is stunning!
  8. Gorgeous!!!
  9. Hi there!!

    Let me make a short story long!:P
    Japs found me a dark white reissue at Bloomies and I bought that one...Then another wonderful pfer posted a picture of this one ('05 white) on the forum (again:heart: my buddies!!) I had always wanted the brighter white so I returned the dark whita and got this one from Sacs for $2090 prior to tax (i think that is right).

    Well, my mom absolutely adored this bag as well so I looked all over for another one and couldn't find one. (I love the woman but she was not going to get my bag;) ). Then, about a week later, one appeared on ebay for a $1900 BIN or best price offer and I snatched it up for her!!
  10. That looks stunning on you!
  11. Oh yay mac looks awesome!!!
    Hey yours is white ' white ~ not off white right? *so crisp*

    Btw how come every Reissue on the PF is 227? Im starting to wonder if they never made 225, 226?
  12. It is indeed the bright white--I need a bigger bag so I think the 227 is the perfect size!
  13. ^ i don't know other than it's a great size ! It really holds a lot !
  14. Ooooh Stacy, GORGEOUS congratulations!!!:love:
  15. Beautiful!! I like the 227 size also, great choice!:smile: