my new WHISTLE bag!! *PICS*

  1. I went and picked up my newest Balenciaga- The Whistle Bag!!!:yes:

    She is really cute! The leather feels great- but different than the regular Moto style because it is- I believe- pig skin?- hence, the Bacon in the style name? It feels less fragile and super soft still....

    I am including a bunch of pictures- I was thinking that, although I haven't seen a fake Whistle, it is probably just a matter of time and taking pictures of details might be handy to those shopping on eBay.



    example of how it looks on my shoulder (excuse the quality- not lovin' my camera)


    Leather Details:




    The WHISTLE!!!


    Mine didn't come with the key- only the whistle? Weird huh. Some pictures I have seen of this bag have the key with the whistle and some just have the whistle. Maybe Balenciaga just included the key on the first few that came out. Anyone know?
  2. a couple of more detail pictures:

    the rivets:

    the underside of the buckle

  3. oh- and the NUMBER on the back of the leather tag

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have fun with your baby! Enjoy!
  5. Very NICE!!! Congrats:yahoo:

    Love the name "Bacon" too:biggrin:
  6. thanks!!

    Oh and I totally blew that whistle as soon as I got home!! I was curious to see if it was really a whistle- AND IT IS!!!
  7. Congrats ........... It looks cute on you ...:yes:
  8. oh congrats! its a great reference for when I might want a whistle later! you look great with it! thanks for sharing!
  9. Oh Cute... !!!
  10. That is gorgeous! I was just wondering because their is a Bleu Roi Whistle (small I think) on sale for a nice price at Luisaviaroma. Maybe I should change my mind and get it. What size is this one?
  11. i am not sure....i dont know how to tell or what the numbers mean. i guess i could actually measure it??;)

    that is why i think if all the whistle owners could post a thread with more information, it would be helpful for anyone interested in that style :yes:
  12. congrats. looks great on you.
  13. very cute and it looks great on you!
  14. Is this the small Whistle or the large? Also what are the dimensions of this bag? Have you seen the red IRL and is it a warm shade or bluish? Also how much do these bags cost????

    Sorry to bombard you but I really like this bag and your pictures are tempting me to buy (++++newbie to B-bags++++).
  15. congrats on the new bag! it's beautiful and looks great on you!:heart: