My new whiskey paddy

  1. My new whiskey paddy from NM came today - flawless and smelling oh so good. I've never seen the whiskey "live" before and now I know why all the whiskey owners :love: :love: :love: theirs. It's truly a beauty and i'm wondering if it's true that this color is no longer being made.
  2. Congrats! I absolutely love that color! So, you know what the next question is... Where are the pics?? :nuts:
  3. awww please..=)
  4. The last pics I posted of my choco were so huge:shame: - shame. I don't think I did it right. I'll figure it out tomorow and will post the pics then.
  5. will check out the pics tomm then but congratulations
  6. I love the Whisky Paddy, too. :love: Cant wait to see pics!
  7. Well, it's been a day.. where are the pics, lol!!! Ok, now gonna ask you a tough question - do you love the whiskey more than your choco one, vice-versa or equally? I have the whiskey and am now contemplating a choc one, heh.
  8. Hi SerenitySue! So sorry - didnt think anyone would come back to the thread anymore. I posted them in the "documenting chloe colors" thread. That IS a tough question. I love the choco dearly but the whiskey is such a BEAUTY too. The color is so rich and luscious. I love them both equally but I think that the fact that the whiskey is harder to come by these days makes me love it even more (although NM & BG have it on their website-as of this afternoon at least). You should definitely get a choco. All I can say is it's definitely a "head turner".
  9. i have a choco. love it. i highly recommend it. got a whiskey on the way too. now i'm really excited. oh i can't wait until i get my whiskey too.
  10. Tod, thanks! I just saw your whiskey paddy in the other post. Gorgeous! Can't go wrong with this colour, I totally love it too!

    Aww, you are no help in trying to deter me from the choco, lol! I was half hoping you'd say it wasn't very nice, hahaha! Yeah right, wishful thinking. I might wait a few more days and see if my desire for it wanes. Do ya think??!!
  11. Heh heh...this "waiting" thing definitely did NOT work for me!:lol:
  12. You're just wasting time - You know you're going to get it, lol! It really is beautiful and I know you're going to love it. Sorry no help here.:lol:
  13. ...and my waiting made me even want it MORE :nuts:
  14. Saw the pic of your whiskey paddy on the other thread - absolutely beautiful! :love: One day I may splurge on another one but I'm afraid the whiskey will be much more scarce soon....
  15. Annabelle, yes, the whiskey is absolutely beautiful...i'm totaly in love with it. I hope you decide to get one :biggrin: