My New Whiskey Paddy from Helen Yi!

  1. I was very pleasantly surprised to see there is a good bit of difference between the Tan and the Whiskey colors. And just as I've been reading on tPF, the Whiskey 06 leather is thicker than 05. It's very pebbly all over, but especially on the back and it's very smooshy. My Tan 05 is smooth and only minimally pebbly on the sides, and collapses totally flat when empty. I love them both, and I think this Whiskey is a keeper, especially at almost half off! :love:
  2. Here's a few pics:
    whiskeyandtan.JPG whiskeylock.JPG whiskeyplate.JPG whiskeyside.JPG
  3. YAY! Congrats Deb! It's lovely. Don't you just love the whiskey colour? It's so rich and matches everything. It's funny how people with 2 or more paddingtons often have 1 from each year.

    I actually like the thicker leather of the '06. I am sure I like it because my whiskey has very textured and pebbly leather. If it didn't my opinion might be different. I notice that my whiskey is also getting very very very soft and smooshy, like my chocolate. I love it! :heart:

    However, it's beautiful! You must be so happy.
  4. Where did u get half off for your whiskey ? can u show us pics, i would love to see them, i did order a whiskey before in BG but the leather is so stiff less pebble like fake even i like the color but just can't take it and return it, at first i think newer seaons no longer produce pebble soft thick leather, so far i saw the new whiskey, orange, jauce and some of the blanc have the stiff leather, but the new chocolate just came in Nordstrom has the pebble soft leather again so this surprise me
  5. Thanks, lordguinny...I do love the color and I'm very happy with it. It reminds me of cinnamon and nutmeg. I would still love to have a Taupe too...maybe I'll get lucky again and find a good deal on one soon!
  6. Great bag.
    Love them both!
  7. Hi LaLa06...I ordered it from Helen Yi, a boutique in Chicago. Their website is under construction I think, but you can call them at 773-252-3838. I posted the pics above after my original post. I haven't see any of the new colors IRL, so I don't know how those feel in terms of pebbly or soft. I'm sure there are some girls on here that have. Maybe you could post a new thread about it? Hope you find one you love!
  8. I love is so pretty!!

    Great color!
  9. What a great bag! I love that color! To save anyone else the trouble, all they have in stock is a chocolate Betty. I don't know what size it is. The lady I spoke with was very nice and mentioned they had quite a few calls for paddingtons today. She said they were waiting on the fall shipment and wouldn't be carrying the paddingtons anymore.
  10. Congrats! You'll love the whiskey color. It's such a rich color.