My New Whiskey Paddington and HILARIOUS photos of my HUBBY!!!

  1. Okay, so first I must say that I had a very hard work day today and my hubby and I have decided to have "some drinks". He wanted to make me feel better so he was trying to make me laugh. He saw that I was taking photos of my new whiskey paddington to share with you ladies so he said, "I'm going to act like how you act when you get a new purse!". So he threw on my Aviatar sunglasses and.... Hence, the photos. I laughed so hard during this shoot I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!!!!!! :roflmfao:

    So ladies, without much adieu, I present to you my new '06 whiskey paddington and my much loved (above all else) hubby.

    Btw, he insists that I put up a normal photo of him so the "ladies don't think I'm some sort of freak." :lol:

    (Also, the chocolate paddington is an '05 and the whiskey an '06. The leather is thicker and more stiff. The whiskey "sits" up while the chocolate "slumps")

    dinner.jpg bigger.jpg bigger2.jpg whiskey.jpg whiskey1.jpg
  2. I dont see the pics.
  3. Where are the pictures - How many drinks????
  4. So sorry! Here are the photos...I'm a lightweight, so I've only had a glass of wine...truth be told, he's a silly goose so he doesn't need a lot of alchohol to act like a clown. They look small so I am going to try to enlarge them
  5. You two are absolutely are the paddy's!!! :rolleyes:
  6. Those are great !!! You guys are adorable. The bags are stunning.
  7. Okay, all the photos work now! I'm glad you guys had a laugh!
  8. LMBO! He's adorable!!! So are that bags! ;)
    You guys are a beautiful couple!:yes:
  9. Absolutely Gorgeous, they are!!!! Both Whiskey and Choco. I love it!! Congratulations.
  10. lordguinny! You two are so cute! Where did you get your Whiskey Paddy? I really want a Whiskey colored bag next (don't know what style yet) Congrats!!!
  11. You guys are hot. I love silly pictures like that!!
  12. You guys are a cute couple!
  13. What a great hubby to pose your purse pictures!! He looks like a sweetheart.
  14. Your hubby is a doll and so are you! I love the whiskey paddy- it is a classic.
  15. Love your Paddys! Those are my favourite two colours. And your DH is such a good sport. :lol: