My new Whiskey-ish Silverado Tote (pics)

  1. Never thought in a million years I'd buy a silverado, but something came over me yesterday and I came home with . . . (can I just say how much I :love::love::love: the leather AND the color??).

    This leather is sooooo different. I put a drop of water on it and it just absorbed it like a sponge. Any tips on protecting her??? I would imagine that with this color any marks would only complement it, but still, I think it needs something.
  2. Oh, one more question -- does anyone know what type of leather this is?? I'm almost thinking Goat, but I just dont know.
  3. That's a gorgeous color and just perfect for the Silverado style. No wonder you could not resist. I love the tote style too! Congratulations! (ooh,, I don't know what kind of leather it is but it looks very, very soft and fabulous)
  4. It's gorgeous. I really like that style!
  5. I have a Silverado tote in Olive, (slightly different from yours but also called the tote) made of Buffalo leather so i'm guessing yours is made of the same? Congratulations, love the style and the leather on these bags are gorgeous!
  6. I agree with tod, it looks like buffalo leather to me too. I have no idea what to treat the leather with

  7. I used AP to treat some scuffs on the handles and straps and it worked but caused these areas to darken slightly.
  8. congrats! and i agree, i think it is buffalo...
  9. Yup, buffalo. It's very thick and durable. And it's great to have you back mammab!

    I didn't protect my chocolate tote and it has held up fine. I used to have the old tan color and AG darkened the areas I used it on, so just leave it alone.

    Congrats! The Silverado is a very unique bag!!
  10. It is gorgeous! I just love the Silverado in Whiskey. So rich and beautiful!! Congratulations!
  11. jag, roey, nycmom, tod, rai, girliegirl, Goldensx5....Thank you !:love:

    Appleguard, that stuff has conditioners in it doens't it? I can see how it would darken this bag.

    Roey - :tender:
    sweets! Thank you for the warm welcome. Yeah, it's funny, I've been away for a while trying to be a good girl and haven't purchased a new bag in a loooooong time. Even DH and DD mentioned, "woah? we haven't seen you with any new bags....." Well, I'm back.....I couldn't stay away much longer. IT's funny, y'all are like family to me in a sense. So familar and warm!

    Nycmom --
    :shame: I was soooo thinking about you and way back when re: the black chloe tote. Do you still have it??? This is a very different style but I love both....I think the one you have/had (?) has the super soft lambskin, am I right???
  12. OT -- is janyoung on here?? I've been thinking about her and her brother, I just got back from Ohio a few weeks ago and she was on my mind as we drove by the Cleveland Clinic.
  13. that's so chic!
  14. mine is buffalo too and i love the style you have, the inside pocket design is so great for staying organized, especially helpful with the kiddos! i have also been thinking about janyoung and her family...
  15. Congrats!