My new wedges

  1. I purchased these from Nordstorm this past weekend:


    I love them, especially paired with longer shorts! They are surprisingly comofy, and I love adding inches to my 5'3" height...hehe. :smile:
  2. I love those! :heart: They are so cute. Did they come in any other colors? They'd also look great in red :cool:
  3. CUTE SuLi!!
  4. love those!

    especially in the classic black...enjoy~!
  5. Would be awesome if they came in red...the only other color that I know that they carry is a camel/tan color.
  6. Yes, they're beautiful, SuLi! Congrats! I have a pair of black suede peep toe wedges by Michael Kors which are similar. Enjoy!
  7. Congrats, they are really cute, and they look comfy too!
  8. They are very pretty, SuLi! I like that they are not super casual.
  9. cute wedges...
  10. Nice choice.:heart: