My new wedding gift bling blings...

  1. Hi all.. just wanted to share what I received as wedding gifts from both my mum and MIL.. :smile: I will forever treasure them and pass them down to the next generation... I wore them for both my wedding ceremony and reception. Can't wait till the next opportunity to put them on again... :smile:
    DSC01368.JPG DSC01375.JPG
  2. Beautiful!

    Congrats and enjoy them! What a wonderful gift!
  3. WOW! very NICE! you're going to look fabulous at your wedding!
  4. Wow! Beautiful!! That was so sweet of them!!
  5. wow..those are beautiful :biggrin:
  6. beautiful! you're one lucky lady
  7. Bling bling bling bling!!!! Wow! How beautiful! You have a very generous Mom and MIL! Wear them in good health!
  8. wow! im speechless. theyre completely gorgeous! congrats!
  9. :drool:. Beautiful, elegant. congrats.
  10. Eye Popping - the chandelier is my favorite
  11. Amazing!!
  12. Wow.. what gorgeous sets ! :yes:
  13. W:heart: W!

    Pearl - very timeless :love:
  14. how pretty. congrats!
  15. Wow, very beautiful. Do you have pictures of you wearing them? Would be fun to see! :smile: