My new watch!

  1. Please give me yr thoughts on this Girard Perregaux..Gold and Diamonds watch.

    I am in love...though its so pics r not clear, sorry!!
    DSCF0057.JPG DSCF0012.JPG
  2. Even though the pic is blurry, it looks beautiful on your slender wrist! Great choice!!!
  3. Thank you!!
    Ive been looking for a gold watch for a while now...and they all felt big and clumsey....I just fell hard for this one....its so light yet fits really nice. And the diamonds or the watch isnt over whelming for everyday...especially because I like jewlery and I need a small watch to accompany them. The only thing is...I wish it was inwhite gold instead...
  4. Do you guys think that its a bit too old fashioned?? It has this flair of the 50's vibe to it that Im feeling ify about...:shrugs:
  5. First I want to say that I love it, and even more so on your wrist!

    I think that in todays times the boundaries of what is in or out...or modern or old fashioned is becoming more and more blurred.

    So I think its right up there to have a sophisticated watch like yours (which in a past time could have been old fashioned) together with jeans and a t shirt....and look totally modern with a twist.

    I love how your watch is simple, no filagree or curves. Its all straight lines and neat. I love how it could pass as a bracelet aqnd go from day to night without blinking!!!!

    And I love the bling factor.

    The watch you have chosen will always hold its value too as the maker is well known as a great watch maker.

    So, more photos please!!!!!:tup:
  6. I see it as timeless, and I am not a small watch kind of gal! I think it looks great on you and is really pretty!!!

    It is a definite keeper!
  7. So elegant and classy!! congrats...looks great on you!

  8. I thank you for your wonderful comments...I feel alot better!...its a great thought that It can be good both dressed up or down like you said...

    Im trying really hard but all the pics turn out so lousy....if one comes out right, Ill post it...darn camera!
  9. Thanks guys!!!
  10. From what I can tell it looks gorgeous!
  11. congrats!
  12. Very classy!
  13. Beautiful! Enjoy wearing it!
  14. Thanks alot guys!!!

    Im trying to take some good pics..but the darn thing is so small that it doesnt come out clear at all......
  15. A gorgeous, timeless piece! Enjoy!:yes: