My New Wallets For My New Berkeley!

  1. I didn't get the wallets at the same time as I did the Berkeley but I went to the LV store yesterday & decided to get these before the price increase. I almost don't want to use the Pomme because it's just soooo shiny & new :shame:



  2. Very Very Pretty enjoy
  3. Gotta love that damier! Very pretty set!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Congrats!! beautiful!
  6. Great set!!


    :yahoo: :okay: :tup: :wlae:
  7. Congrats! Very nice, I like the Damier wallet, what is it called?
  8. woo Damier! that Pomme is lush, you HAVE to use it!!!!! Vernis stays shiney and new for aaaaaaaaages :smile:
  9. The Pomme d'Amour Ludlow is gorgeous! Looks great in your Damier bag. Congrats :flowers:
  10. Congrats!
  11. Both are gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy!:yes:
  12. Love the ludlow! I think pomme goes great with Damier! And that other piece isn't a zippy, is it a PTI?
  13. both items match very nicely..:yes:
  14. That's a Brazza isn't it? It's gorgeous!
  15. i love the pomme ludlow! great purchases!