My new wallet

  1. I purchased this wallet last month but never got around to posting a picture of it. Isn't it great for everyday? It has five credit card slots and a zipper part for change. And there is a slot on back as well.

    I received the teal baby cabas as a gift from my boyfriend. I know everyone has baby cabas fever so I thought I would post a picture of mine as well. I love it.

    Thanks for letting me share. :yes:
    IMG_0157.JPG IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0165.JPG IMG_0166.JPG IMG_0167.JPG
  2. Here is a picture of the back.
  3. Nice.
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Look classic.
  6. very nice!!
  7. :drool: Oh, wow, Ree! Love the teal baby! I really like the wallet also. I'd not seen a pic of that particular one before. Congrats!
  8. LOVE BOTH! I have the teal too..SO PRETTY IRL! Congrats on both!
  9. Love the wallet!! Lambskin is my favorite--
    Cabas is beautiful as well. So many of us are in the "Baby Cabas Club"
    mine is khaki and I love it. The metallic makes it such a beauty.
  10. nice! thanx for sharing :yes:
  11. Yes, very nice.:smile:
  12. gorgeous wallet!!

    and love the teal cabas, what a darling boyfriend!!
  13. Congrats! Nice choices!
  14. Thanks for sharing! The wallet looks gorgeous! :cutesy:And of course the smooshy teal cabas is looking lovely as always. :love:
  15. The wallet is very nice :yes: ....and teal cabas is WOW!!!!! :nuts: