My new wallet!

  1. I needed a change of wallets (yes, yes, that's right! I NEEDED it!:biggrin:), so I picked this up today!!!!! I've been looking at Chanel wallets for a while now. I wanted something as close to caviar's leather durability as possible. The regular caviar wallet that Chanel had was lined with lambskin, which looked very delicate. I'd be afraid to use it! And I hate scratches! This one is made of the same leather (not caviar but very close to it?) inside and out.

    Does anyone know what line this wallet is from? And how long has it been around for?

    CC wallet 1.1.JPG CC wallet 3.1.JPG CC wallet 4.1.JPG CC wallet 5.1.JPG CC wallet 6.1.JPG CC wallet 7.1.JPG
  2. I love that wallet... Not sure the line, but its a beauty... I want......
  3. 0o00o nice!!!
  4. Great wallet! I'm not familiar with it though. Maybe another PF member can answer your questions. Congrats!
  5. I have the same wallet but in silver!!! I love it! I'm not sure what line it's from.

    I think the wallet is made out of goatskin, I liked the leather because it seemed more durable than the lambskin.
  6. have the same one? We can be wallet twins!!!!! :biggrin:

    Yes, it seems MUCH more durable than lambskin! That is exactly why I decided to go with it!

    Thank you for your reply!
  7. wow!! i love that wallet, it's compact but looks like it can hold so much! simple and elegant.

  8. that is a VERY nice wallet! congrats! :heart:

    (i don't know what line it is from, either. hmph.)
  9. I have the longer wallet!! its very durable!! It's called the button line or thats what I heard and I think its a permenant line that they just add new colors to it every year....
  10. Functional and chic! Congrats!
  11. Got lots of compartments....that's what i like in a wallet, congrats
  12. Congrats!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!
  13. Congrats! Looks like a very nice and functional wallet!!!
  14. beautiful !!! congratulations.