My New Wallet

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  1. [​IMG]

    I need to be stopped. I figured my bleecker clutch may be big for my new bleecker rose hobo so I bought a wallet for it. I did sell something this morning on eBay so I deserved to buy somethinf, right? LOL!!
  2. gorgeous ! That is my fav wallet !
  3. I love that wallet, it's so pretty!
  4. Love that wallet... super pretty! :tup:
  5. LOL, it's is a small world after all!!!!

    Enjoy the wallet, I bought it for a black bag, but then I was like..I need color in a black bag! So I'm on the edge between these ones instead!...:upsidedown:

    Glad someone from here got it though!


  6. That's too funny!
  7. Did you see the pink and orange on there?
  8. Nope, but I did at my outlet
  9. ooh those are my favorite Coach wallets ever. I have the whiskey and the new teal patent one.
    whiskey wallet.jpg patent wallet 001.jpg
  10. [​IMG]

    Doesn't this match your Rose Coach bag? It sold already, but it's cute

    EDIT: Nevermind I think Coach's Rose isn't that color, lol idk
  11. I'm in love with them too!! I saw your teal..I loved it.:nuts:

    oh gosh now i want the teal...oh much is it for? and did it come in any other colors?
  12. Yeah, I looked for one but couldn't find one. I could kick myself because a few months ago I almost bought one but the white will go nice with my other bags, too!
  13. The teal is really pretty! Does the patent leather crack at all?
  14. Yah the white is like goes with everything! The thing I love about the white wallet is the inside...lilac and white are so pretty and springy!

  15. I like the inside color, too! I think I'm set, I have a white wallet and a blck one, can't go wrong with that!