My new wallet!

  1. I think I'll use it more as a clutch because it's a little big for a wallet. I wear a lot of black so I think this would be great to add some color to my outfit. I got it for $220 at the outlet this weekend. What do you guys think? I get buyers remorse. :rolleyes:


  2. I think that it's really nice. The color would look nice for the summer as well. For $220 you really can't beat that.
  3. Love it congrats
  4. LOVE IT!

    The color is great!
    I had a Tulita in that color and wish I had never sold it.
  5. What a beautiful color! I want to be near an outlet :sad:
  6. Congrat & enjoy:yahoo: I am just grateful I don't have an outlet close by or else I would be in BIG trouble.........
  7. classy choice....congrats!
  8. Lovely and such a beautiful color!
  9. Thanks guys! I felt guilty for buying it since I just went on a mini shopping spree last month but I used it yesterday and I love it!
  10. Congrats Dolce. =)
  11. I think it's gorgeous! I love color in handbags and wallets...bring on the bling!!
  12. love the color, congrats!!
  13. Cute and pretty!I like the color!
  14. nice colour! Love the spot for a pen
  15. It's really pretty. I am very partial to this color. One of my favorites. It goes so well with sooo much. Congratulations!