My new Wallet

  1. I broke down and got a wallet after saying over and over that I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a wallet.
    Well... today I bought the Alexandra Wallet. It had a lot of CC slots and seems to hold a lot. I had looked at alot of of the styles but this one seemed to suit me the best.

    I will post pictures later when I can.
    Now I am on a ban for a while!

    Some good news also.. the SA told me that they are going to be opening a location in Jacksonville FL where I am! :smile: So it will be nice and close instead of the trips to Orlando!
  2. Ohhh I'd love to see the Alexandra Wallet! Congrats!!
  3. Can't wait for the pictures!
    I am looking for a wallet too. :wlae:
  4. Ok.. here are a couple quick pictures
    wallet.jpg IMG_2471.jpg IMG_2472.jpg IMG_2473.jpg
  5. Wow, it's huge!!! But so practical!! Congrats!
  6. Congrats!

    Pics plz!:flowers:
  7. It is a bit thick when closed but I love that it is not as long and holds a lot compared to others
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Oh, very nice!!! I really like your wallet -- it looks to be very functional!
  10. Congrats on the Alexandra -- it's not one that I see very often!
  11. Congratulations :smile:
  12. Congrats- it looks quite useful!
  13. Congrats, that's a really nice style!
  14. Congrats!
  15. nice, congrats!!