MY NEW WALLET- Zippy Coin Purse!! *pics!

  1. I am so happy LV came out with this wallet! Im a smallet wallet girl (I use a cles with my wallets) and id been dying for an LV wallet for about a year. I almost cracked last month and I wanted to buy a ludlow, but I decided against it because there really wasnt quite enough room for me. This wallet is perfect! Love it, and if they come out with other models, as in vernis, damier, etc. (which my SA has a hunch they will because its already popular and its such a classic style) I will definitely be buying it again! Enough with my crazy ramblings here are the pics:smile::wlae:
    DSC02313.JPG DSC02314.JPG DSC02315.JPG DSC02316.JPG DSC02317.JPG
  2. aww, its so adorable :]

    congrats :]
  3. super cute! congrats! i love the size. thanks for posting pictures of the inside.
  4. i love it! I want one for when I use my smaller bags! May I ask how much it is?
  5. congrats ! love it !
  6. Great choice! I love this wallet. And it's perfect for smaller purses.
  7. Is this a new smaller version of the zippy wallet? I sure looks as if it holds a lot for a small wallet! I'd like it in a vernis.;) congrats.

  8. i love this one, too! congrats!
  9. Congrats, i really like this wallet. I hope it comes out in vernis, would love to get one.
  10. Congrats- it's adorable!
  11. I paid $290 CAD, but im pretty sure its $275 US --> great price for a wallet! Yes, my SA told me it is a smaller version of the zippy, Id say its about half the length of the zippy, maybe a little more, I compared it with my SA in the store and after playing with this one I felt the zippy was wayy to big for me! And I was sick of switching all my IDs etc. into my cles when I take my pochette clubbing, but the wallet fits in my pochette now:heart:
  12. I was worried that it wouldn't properly hold loose change. The SA put a pocketful of change into one side of the wallet, zipped it and had me shake the wallet as vigorously as I could. When we opened the wallet up the change hadn't shifted to the other side of the divider. Pretty nifty!
  13. nice wallet
  14. congrats! glad you love it! i ordered one on tuesday, can't wait for it to arrive. ;)
  15. Very cute!! Congrats!