my new wallet!!!!!! joy!

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  1. hello ladies....

    i just got back from hong kong and here are pictures of my new baby! i usually don't buy stuff without research... lots and lots of research... but i took one look at her and couldn't let go. what a beautiful shade of red! o hear me gush! i haven't even taken her out of my box. i was decidedly upset when the security person manhandled her while i was boarding my united flight! :rant:

    i must say though. i haven't had the best of luck with bags! :crybaby:they didn't have any more of the cambon white on black bowling bags... i really want one... my mom suggests that the black medium bowler from the luxe series is a good alternative as its classy and tough enough for everyday... hmm...

    also... the sales people were a little mean... might have been the flip flops, heehee. but the salesgirl at the airport was super nice! i felt bad i couldn't get something from her... o well...

    but! back to my new baby...
    bounty.jpg wallie.jpg
  2. Gorgeous wallet, congrats, and pooey to mean SA's:yucky:
  3. Very pretty, love the color.
  4. Beautiful. Love the color.:love:
  5. Lovely! What style/line is that from? I like all the credit card slots and the checkbook style!
  6. Congrats! It's gorgeous! Red is my favorite color.
  7. Gorgeous, I LOVE red!!
  8. She is beautiful - congrats!!!
  9. Beautiful colour!!
    Nice purchase for an impulse!!
  10. Gorgeous color! Congrats
  11. beautiful
  12. your new wallet is such a gorgeous red, great choice!!
  13. I love the color too and it looks like it can hold a lot! Congrats on the new purchase
  14. Love the color
    love the style
  15. That's beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful:tender:
    Me love it,
    I suppose it's lambskin? May I know what it is called? and price, pls