My new wallet is here!!! I'm in luv **PICS**

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  1. So I purchased a Vernis Agenda PM in Framboise about a week or so ago and I fell madly in love with this color. I decided I "needed" a zippy wallet in this color and was able to locate it with the help of 866 but not without any drama.

    I asked the LV Cust Serv Rep (866) to locate one for me at a Saks (I don't have to pay tax if shipped from Saks) and he found one in New York. Well he transferred my call to Saks/LV New York and the SA there put me on hold for a minute and then comes back....asks for my phone# so she can call me back because they were super busy. She calls me back like two hours later asking me to remind her of what it was I was looking for :wtf:. When I reminded her, she mentions they just sold the last one like 20 minutes ago! I was :cursing: and freaking out at the same time thinking I wouldn't be able to find one :crybaby:. I called 866 the following day and it turns out there was one in Cincinnati but it was on hold for someone and they would have to call me back in a couple of days :sad:. Two days later, I get the call from Cincinnati letting me know the wallet will be mine :yahoo:. The SA offered express shipping at no extra cost (after I told him my sad story) and here she is and she is all mine!!!!

    Oh and BTW, it helps to always ask to speak to the same customer service rep at 866 (Ask for his/her extention #). I have been dealing with the same person for the past 3 months and he called me a day later to inform me a Framboise Zippy Wallet had "popped" up in Cleveland. He called this morning asking if I had received my Zippy. He's wonderful and very sweet. He kept apologizing for New York.
    IMG_0426.JPG IMG_0420.JPG
  2. I want a white vernis papillon!!! this color is soo bold! loves it!!
  3. What a hot new wallet!!! :drool:

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats!
  5. Love your wallet, I think framboise is the best vernis colour ever!!!!
  6. Congrats!:yahoo:
  7. I love your wallet! Congrats!!!
  8. beautiful! i`m glad everything worked out!
  9. Fantastic wallet, so good that you found a great person to work with in the future.
  10. WOW .. i LVOE that color!! Congrats! :smile:
  11. Glad they found one!It's a beauty!
  12. ITA!!! :graucho:
  13. I love that color! :smile:
  14. yipee... what a great purchase... congrats!
  15. framboise is so cute, congrats on tracking one down.