My New Walk In Closet (in the making)!

  1. Okay friends, she's not quite 100% done, I still have a few minor details to fix (some shelves to add) and a cute little wall decor project in the works, but here she is so far!


  2. And all moved in!

  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Looks FAB!!, I love the area rug and the lighting!!> well done!
  6. :loveeyes::loveeyes: Beautiful!

    You and your DH really executed this plan wonderfully and timely.

    I wish I had to same gumption to finish my house renovations.
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    Just came back to say the curtains look wonderful.

    Where'd you find the lovely bench?
  8. Thank you! The bench is from Home Goods :smile:
  9. What a transformation! Looks great.
  10. wow!:loveeyes: you DH did a great job.:tup:
  11. Thanks everyone! :biggrin:

    My DH has been joking that when he can't find me I'm usually just sitting in my closet. Haha. I'm soooo in love :love:
  12. That's such an amazing closet!
  13. Wow! So pretty! Like a little present you can sit inside of.
  14. Looks great and I love the bench!
  15. Looks fantastic!! Congrats!!